— Luana & Derrick Chaney


“Sandra has been amazing in helping us navigate as first time parents.             
She helped us creating a schedule and a routine for our 5 months old baby.       
My favorite part about Happynest center is the gentle and customized method they use and NOT the usual “cry it out”.
Sandra takes the time to understand and to know the family and the dynamics, and then comes up with a personalized plan that suits that family.
I would use happynest center again and I would recommend it to any parent who is in need of a good night’s sleep.”

— Ruchika Misra 


“We hired Sandra as a postpartum doula after I delivered my second baby.
She was very helpful in getting us settled, both at the hospital and at home, it was great to have someone focused on me while I was busy focused on the baby.
She supported me mentally & physically, for e.g. helping me stay hydrated & fed, watching baby while I took a nap, doing calming meditation etc..
Having her with us gave us a good start in the first few days.
Definitely recommended, especially if you are a first time parent!”


— Maria Sachetti


“Sandra was wonderful to work with.
Very kind and understanding.
She didn’t make any judgment on your baby's sleeping schedule and tried to work with your baby and family's lifestyle.” 

— Alicia Zagarra


“Sandra, I'm very happy & grateful.
Thanks to the baby's sleep workshop; I feel more relaxed and rested as my twins are taking their naps, they are calmer and sleeping properly.
You helped me a lot.”

— Natalia & Arturo Barrios


“We are so grateful with Sandra, her knowledge and empathy has been so helpful for my family.

One of the most useful advice was having a routine for bed time and we started doing the same every night at the same hour and then our baby in less than a month started falling asleep every night between 7:30 to 8 pm until 5-6 am.

This gave us time in couple every night, good rest for every one and happiness’”


— Juan & Katerine Luna 


“Sandra, thank you so much for your help.
You came in the moment that I needed the most.
After applying all the advices that you gave to me, both of my kids are happier and sleeping much better.
I love that your method doesn’t involve tears (I can’t do CIO).
Also, thank you so much for listening to me. I really needed to talk to somebody who really understands how a woman feels after giving birth”


— Sara & Moises Chavez. 


I’d like to start saying that you have a great personality to deal with new parents that don’t know what we’re doing and you have a lot of knowledge about the sleep process that every child has to go thru.
We had many questions that you helped us clarify about our baby’s sleep cycles. Me and my husband are so thankful about all the advice you gave us and for all the guidance you provided while we were on the program.

Our baby was able to achieve the sleep that he needed without us co-sleeping and rocking him for more than an hour before he was able to sleep on his own.

Thank you for all your great help!

— Ioana & Andrew Galdau


“I contacted Sandra to help me with my six-month-old baby.
She was very engaged throughout the entire process. She came to my home to meet my son and discuss the difficulties that we were having. She then worked with me to help develop a sleep training program and routine that suited our family.
Within a few nights, we noticed an improvement in his sleeping and a few weeks later my son started sleeping through the night.
We are grateful for her time and help.

She is very sweet and keep calling me and checking on me until today”

We’re committed to supporting your family through a variety of sleep challenges.


Frequent night waking
Naps are difficult or non-existent
Naps transitions
Room transitions - (Bassinet to crib, crib to bed, parent’s bed to independent sleep space or own room)
You nurse/rock/sing/walk your child to sleep and you want to introduce new soothing techniques
Early Rising
Co-sleeping is no longer working for you
Bedtime battles
Parental exhaustion
Unwanted bed sharing
Sleep tips for twin babies
You are ready to night wean
You feel like you have tried all and nothing has worked
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