We help your whole family sleep again;

always respecting your instincts and your relationship with your child.


 A good nights sleep's is closer than you think

We believe that every family has a different story to tell that makes them UNIQUE. On this basis, we combine the science of sleep with an Integrative Approach -The Holistic Science of Sleep Method™ to assess all the physical, emotional, social, cultural, and environmental factors that inhibit sleep and may lead to child sleep challenges.

Our Integrative Approach allows us to:

  1. Uncover the real root of the problem.
  2. Find sleep solutions in a way that respects your level of comfort and your relationship with your child.
  3. Make long-lasting changes without using any sleep training methodologies. 

We won't ever ask you to do something against your instincts or to leave your child crying alone. 


Our sleep services:

During our consultations we will help you navigate the following:

  • Optimize your baby's sleep environment to maximize the benefits of sleep.
  • Create a routine that meets your baby's sleep needs and allows you to be in more control of your day.
  • Sleep solutions that promote independence without compromising your comfort levels or your relationship with your child.

Newborn Support

0 months - 5 months

This 60-minute consultation is perfect for expectant/newborn parents who wish to create the best sleep foundations and have the right start.

✔️Understanding your unique newborn’s sleep needs 

✔️How to create long-lasting healthy sleep habits

✔️Safe practice for sleep and assessment of sleep space

✔️How to soothe your baby from a place of love, trust and connection.

✔️ Sleep Dos & Don'ts


During this consultation, we'll answer all your questions and come up with sleep solutions. You will get detailed notes and useful resources emailed to you 24-48 hours after the call.


!Start Sleeping!

Babies and kids

6 months - 6 years

Looking for ways to improve your child's sleep?

A 60-90 min call is a great way to start.

We will have the opportunity to clarify ALL your questions and concerns about your child's sleep, while also providing you with the right sleep solutions to your baby/toddler's unique needs. 

This service includes: Baby Sleep Assessment

We'll answer all your questions and you will get detailed notes and useful resources emailed to you 24-48 hours after the call.


!Start Sleeping!

We’re committed to supporting your family through a variety of sleep challenges.


Frequent night waking
Naps are difficult or non-existent
Naps transitions
Room transitions - (Bassinet to crib, crib to bed, parent’s bed to independent sleep space or own room)
You nurse/rock/sing/walk your child to sleep and you want to introduce new soothing techniques
Early Rising
Co-sleeping is no longer working for you
Bedtime battles
Parental exhaustion
Unwanted bed sharing
Sleep tips for twin babies
You are ready to night wean
You feel like you have tried all and nothing has worked


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